Sweet Farm Capital is a private family office. We invest in great business ideas that solve real-world problems. 



Sweet Farm is a natural retreat in Quebec, Canada that brings people together to wander, reconnect, and contemplate new possibilities. 

In 2013, we named our investment office after this special place of inspiration—to provide the same support to high-growth companies at the most critical times in their development.

Sweet Farm Capital is dedicated to helping early-stage companies accelerate growth and deliver long-term value to customers and shareholders. Our Principals bring over 40 years of combined experience in technology sales, marketing, business development, operations, and supply chain—both in small business and corporate enterprise.  

To date, we have nearly 20 companies in our portfolio. Our investments range between $50,000 to $200,000 in Seed or A Rounds.

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Our Strategy: the four P's

Sweet Farm Capital searches for innovative ideas and invests in companies that satisfy four key criteria: people, plan, potential, and patience.

The foundation for any investment is the people behind it. Our firm searches for leaders who bring substantial "industry IQ", a strong work ethic, and a conscientious approach to their business relationships. 

Next, the business plan has to be solid. We work with leaders who have a clear business strategy and a command of the numbers behind their plan. 

Along with the plan, the market potential of the business has to be sizable. We look for businesses that have room for growth and sustainable profitability beyond their current plan. 

The final criteria is what separates a Sweet Farm investment from the crowd. We understand how important it is for young companies to build a solid foundation, but instead of quick exits based on phantom fundamentals, we look for people who want to build enduring businesses in the markets they serve. We believe that longer time horizons build better companies and produce sustainable returns.

Our portfolio companies are changing the game in their respective markets.



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